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Well operation and development simulator AMT-601

Trainer - well operation and development simulator AMT-601, is designed for engineering staff of the extractive units of oil and gas production enterprises, as well as for students with a specialization in the development and operation of oil and gas fields.

The trainer simulates in real and accelerated time:

  • Development and bringing to stable production, steady-state and unsteady- state tests, operation in problem areas
  • Reaction of equipment, tools, well to the trainee's work on equipment control panels and stations;
  • Appearance and development of complications and emergencies;
  • Different (without limitation) geotechnical conditions on a well: Well type, reservoir parameters, fluid properties, set of equipment, non-standard situations.
  • The simulator provides training to work with oil wells
    • By open flow method
    • Using centrifugal pumps
    • Using sucker rod pumps
    • By gaslift method
  • Training to work with gas wells
  • Training to work with injection wells

Equipment control panels and stations:

  • Natural flow well wellhead control station 
  • ESP wellhead control station 
  • SRP wellhead control station 
  • Injector wellhead control station 
  • Automated group metering station control 
  • ESP Control Station panel 
  • SRP Control Station panel
  • Jack pump control panel
  • Gas lift and injection well control panel
  • Gas well control panel
  • Winch control panel
  • Level meter mockup
  • Sample receptacle mockup



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