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Well workover simulator AMT-411

Trainer - well workover simulator AMT-411, multifunctional and complete-set, is designed for training operating and engineering personnel of well workover units of oil and gas production enterprises, students who learn the trades, associated with well drilling, oil- and gas-field development.

The trainer simulates in real and accelerated time:

  • Drilling process, drilling out of cement plugs
  • Tripping
  • Well killing by means of direct and indirect flushing
  • Remedial cementing under pressure through perforations
  • Reservoir acidizing
  • Well development using swab
  • Reservoir hydrofracturing
  • Abrasive jet perforation
  • Elimination of gas, oil and water shows
  • Well development using compressor

Complex of drilling equipment control panels and stations:

  • Driller's control console
  • Circulation system control panel
  • Manifold station
  • Christmas tree station
  • Rack of drilling control indicating instruments
  • Control panel of hydraulic fracturing of the formation
  • Wellhead equipment station
  • Throttle unit station
  • Preventer panel
  • Compressor station control panel



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