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Drilling simulator AMT-231

Trainer - drilling simulator AMT-231, is intended for training rig crews and engineering personnel of oil and gas production enterprises, personnel of blowout preventer units and students who learn a oil and gas upstream. It is match requirements of the International Well Control Forum (IWCF).

The simulator permits to demonstrate the mechanisms of interaction of a drilling bit, tools and mud with a hole to the trainees; it enables the trainees: to see the processes in the well that cannot be observed directly; to observe the initiation and development of downhole troubles and failures. The trainer lets the trainees to check and compare different versions of attacking technological problems.

It simulates in real and accelerated time processes wiring wells:

  • hole drilling processes at the stages of bottom hole deepening
  • round trip operations
  • well casing and cementing
  • processes of elimination of oil and gas flows and blowouts

Complex of imitated drilling equipment control panels and stations:

  • Driller's control console
  • Circulation system control panel
  • Manifold station
  • Rack of drilling control indicating instruments
  • Wellhead equipment station
  • Throttle unit station
  • Preventer panel
  • Blowout preventer equipment control panel
  • Cementing equipment control panel
  • Cementing casing head station



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